Saturday, December 13, 2008


Got my trusty ole 1903a3 out to play yesterday and further developed a bond with the old gun. In a world that is dominated by tacticool guns, and ARs (even I have a AR) a 1944 gun can still slug it out with the big boys. Also I don't think people realize how satisfying it is to shoot iron sights and be able to hit what your aiming at at 100+ yards. Way cooler than using a scope at 500 *in my humble unbiased opinion.* Anyways it a plastic and synthetic world it is nice to have a solid chunk of wood and steel that can still out shoot em all. I got my 5906 and it outshoots any plastic pistal Ive ever shot, and my 1903 outshoots any plastic rifle that ive ever shot, Im seeing a trend here.

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